Labels and Packaging

From Label Printing to Food Packaging

Labels and Packaging

Integrity Labels and Packaging Division offers a solution for all your label printing and food packaging needs. With both digital and flexo print, supported by a range of finishing techniques we can produce long run plain and barcoded labels, through to high quality, short run multi sort colour work. Integrity operates one of the UK’s first digital packaging conversion facilities, enabling the production of folding cartons for the food industry.

Food and Drink

We are able to offer a wide range of label and packaging capabilities for the food and drink industry. With the ability to apply up to 10 colours, varnishes and foils, we produce labels and packaging for award winning brands as diverse as Thatcher’s Cider to Pukka Herbs.

We recognise the importance of supporting our clients outstanding design concepts with high quality print and finishing, and have invested £1.5m in the latest labels and packaging technology over the last eighteen months.

Our investment strategy allows us to support both high volume work for high street retailers through to highly bespoke beer bottle labels for the micro brewery industry. Our specialist packaging facility allows the cost effective production of low volume multi sort food packaging such as tray lids, sandwich skillets, meal sleeves and nested trays.

The ability to apply peel & reveal labels is another feature that the food and drink sector have adopted to incorporate recipe ideas or regulatory requirements into their label designs.

Pharma & Healthcare

We offer both high quality and secure labels for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. We are a major supplier of complex labels and tags for the NHS sector including blood bag label.

Our specialist print capabilities allow brand security to be incorporated into labels design and we can add foils and holograms for enhanced brand protection.

With increasing regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical sector we are also able to offer Peel & Reveal labels to allow clients to add a high level of content without detracting from label design.

Thermal, Barcode & Laser Labels

We have an unparalleled range of plain and barcode label formats. Plain labels can be supplied as either direct thermal or thermal transfer in either standard or custom sizes.

We are also able to offer barcode labels through our extensive laser printing capacity, providing clients with the ability to add product codes as we do for a number of well known high street retailers, or for stock control and track and trace services.

Integrity have invested in a high speed ABG conversion line that is capable of printing and spooling one colour labels at the rate of 150 metres a minute on 550mm width material. The line incorporates an integrated turret rewind unit that can continuosly spool and apply a sealing label and has created a significant uplift in production capacity.

Peel & Reveal

Recent investment in the latest labels production equipment has enabled us to provide peel and reveal labels. These can be constructed with two or three substrate layers that peel cleanly away from the top label to reveal additional printed product information.

Where regulations require ever increasing levels of product information to be included on both food and pharmaceutical labels, this product provides an efficient way of providing this information without detracting from the shelf appeal of the product.

Whatever your requirements for multi-page peel and reveal labels please call us for more information.

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